Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This cover letter got the writer an IMMEDIATE phone call to set up an interview

Here's a cover letter that really worked - within a couple of hours of sending it today via e-mail, she got a call to arrange an interview on Thursday.

The writer felt the letter flowed very easily and that it was good match. She networked her way into learning about the job in the first place. She told friends her intention and one person knew of this position.

What was her intention? She focused on where would she want to go next, what kind of organization she wants to work at, and the impact she wants to make in her next position. So she stepped outside her previous focus of working in the arts and considered jobs that can use her skills related to partnerships, collaborations and community-building.

She artfully blends her experience with her knowledge of and enthusiasm for the organization's mission. This combination of knowing herself and knowing the organization is the essence of a successful marketing cover letter.

May 5, 2009

Executive Director
[address 1]
[address 2]

Dear Ms. [name]:

I am delighted to learn of the Affiliate Development Manager opening
at [organization] through my friend [name]. My resume is attached. I
have long admired the mission and vision of [organization], both as a
volunteer and as a program director who has worked in the non-profit
sector for 8 years.

As you will see from my resume, this position would fully utilize my
background in forming strategic partnerships and community development,
and would allow me to act upon a long-standing desire to serve and
prosper the marginalized of our city.

As [current title] at [current organization], I have specialized in
identifying and building new strategic partnerships and creating
innovative programs to foster community. By cultivating relationships
with cross-sector organizations, overseeing a faculty of 40+ artists,
and working closely with students, families and colleagues of very
different backgrounds, I have learned to be a leader and manager who
implements new initiatives and knows how to prioritize and reprioritize
as projects grow and expand. In a fast-paced and diverse city such as
NYC, I have learned to quickly identify key problems, adapt to change,
communicate with clarity and honesty, and be a willing listener.

Throughout my career, I have cherished the opportunities to create
programs that benefit all participants involved, provide access to the
underserved, and meaningfully connect disparate groups of people. My
desire is to be part of a partnering organization that makes a lasting
and transformational impact in our city on a larger scale. While this
type of work takes time, patience and humility, I feel I am well-suited
for this challenge.

I am excited to consider the possibility of being part of the team at
[organization]. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.



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