Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Answer "What Are You Looking For?"

When you network, you will be asked "so what do you want to do?" Here's a simple formula for answering it in a sentence or two.

Write an "intention statement" that describes those skills and talents you love to use, the challenges you love to solve, and the value you can deliver to an employer in your field in such and such a role.

Write it down and then practice saying it - editing and practicing until it comes really naturally to you. Ask a professional friend can give you feedback on this "intention statement." Do they know what you want to do? Do they understand the kind of value you can provide? Do they have any ideas of where you could look, who you could talk to, the kinds of jobs you could seek? If not, refine it even more.

This format is used very effectively by MANY clients, because it starts with you, travels to the employer and then focuses on some specific types of roles that will spark people's brains to think of positions they may have heard of.


John Papers said...

This is amazing list like the previous one..
Thank you for sharing this helpful information..

julieannerickson said...

Thanks for visiting, John! I'm so glad this is helpful. Let me know if there's any issue I can address in future posts. Julie