Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Job Search Key Words Are Your Skills

Job titles are not by themselves good key words for a search. Skills are.

When I work with people, we focus on the skills and talents they love to use and want to use again. Their “right fit” work is a position that will allow them to exercise their abilities and have their desired impact on a company, their own lives, the world. So let’s use that information about your Core Value Proposition and your Must Have List to find jobs that will be a “right fit” for you.

I suggest you search job sites – including Indeed, LinkedIn and (for non-profit jobs) – for those skills and see what job titles come up. Usually there are many different ones. Skills are what an employer wants, not someone who has had a specific title. So this focus is more likely to unearth the kind of jobs that will be a “right fit” for your abilities and preferences.

If you want, you can start to search sites for those job titles. Just make sure you continue to search for the skills you want to use, or you might miss some great opportunities.

Knowing the various possible job titles also will allow you to give people examples of the kind of work you want when they ask “so what are you looking for?” – a question I tell you how to answer in my blog on December 14 “Be Specific About Your ‘Right Fit’ Job.”


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