Monday, November 1, 2010

Determination to get Your "Right Fit Job"

What if you were absolutely determined to get that one job? The one that sounds so great in the ad and posting. The one that appears to be exactly what you want - using your unique combination of skills and abilities. The one that would pay enough. The one that could put an end to your job search and begin your next phase of work.

If you were totally determined to get that job, what would you do differently than you are doing now?

Maybe you'd put your heart and soul into writing a cover letter, doing everything you can to convince the reader that YOU are the exact person they seek.

Maybe you'd ask your best buddy to look over the letter to make sure there are no typos or grammar errors.

Maybe you'd double check your resume to make sure it is exactly what you want to represent you at your very best.

Maybe you'd leave no room in your brain for a "well, it's OK if it doesn't come through" - because it isn't OK. It stinks, really. And you can survive that feeling. You also can take comfort from the FACT that, if you don't get an interview, it's really NOT your "right fit job." Because if it were, you would have gotten the interview.

Maybe you'd be confident and comfortable in the interviews, because you really know it's exactly the right job for you. Maybe you'd envision yourself in the job already.

Maybe you'd have some ideas about how you'd tackle the job, and your vision for what you could make of the job, the impact you'll have in and on the company. And maybe you'd tell them those ideas in the interview.

I've had several experiences where I've been completely determined to get the position I wanted. The first time was freshman year in high school, when I was determined to win a spot on the flag twirling/color guard squad. And I did. The next big time was when I wanted an internship for the Smith Project on Women & Social Change. And I got it. Then I wanted to be a teaching assistant my first year in graduate school, even though it would be a first. I had no option: either I got the TA position or I couldn't afford to go to graduate school. So I pushed and persuaded and came up with all sorts of extremely logical and artful reasons I could do the job and they should give it to me. And I got it.

I took those early experiences into the work world and succeeded in getting jobs that were exactly right for me. I put myself in my cover letters and engaged in conversation in the interviews.

I can also tell you that there were times when I initially thought it was the perfect job and got myself interviews - even to the very last round - and then something didn't sit right or I got some doubt in my mind. Needless to say, I didn't get those jobs. And that's OK, because something better was on its way every time.

So...what if you were completely determined to get that job? What if there were no option but to get it? What would it feel like? How would you behave if you weren't afraid of going for it?

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